Transport in Manama, Bahrain


Manama City Of Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the most famous countries of the Gulf region. It has a rich heritage and cultural values. The capital city of Bahrain is known as Manama city. It is a well-developed and modern city that has a growing economy with thriving business opportunities. The city is located on a peninsula with a large waterfront area. The latest attraction in the city is the development of Bahrain Bay which will be an important milestone for the city.


Tourist Of Bahrain

Manama is visited by thousands of tourists each year. This has a large number of tourist attractions that entertain people from all over the world.  But when it comes to going around the city, Manama is not the best option for tourist transportation. The city offers few options to get around to the places you want to visit. It does not have a very well developed public transport system. As per the information from the Ministry of Transportation there is currently only one public transport provider in Manama called the Cars Transport Corporation. They have a bus transport system that is still in a process of development and improvement. The new buses offer a wide range of services and extended bus routes that can be opted for at economical rates. The widely spoken language of the country is Arabic. Due to the language barrier it is often recommended that you ask for the assistance of the hotel staff to guide you through the various travel options that are present in the city.


Manamah Airport Taxi

According to the travel gurus it is a must to have a private car if you want to spend some time in the city but that will also require procuring a driving license. So for tourists looking for a means to get around the city from airport, the best option is hiring Manamah airport transfer. This is an affordable and easy way to get to various tourist destinations. The drivers often guide you about the places to visit as well. Whether you are on a professional tour or visiting Manama on a holiday with family and friends, the taxi option is still the best to choose.


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